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🔧 Develop an Integration

This section builds on the getting started section which shows how to install the Ocean CLI and scaffold a new integration to begin development.

This section dives deeper into the different components that make up an Ocean integration, as well as examples on how to configure and test them.

Finally, this section covers the integration publishing process.

Ocean integration development flow​

To develop and publish an integration you need to complete the following steps:

step order

These steps do not follow a specific order. Some steps only become relevant near the end of the integration's development, such as publishing.

  1. Scaffold a new integration, as seen in getting started
  2. Add any required code libraries and the code and logic required for the new integration
    1. Be sure to go over the integration performance and code guidelines to ensure a performant and well written integration
  3. Update the .port/spec.yml file with metadata of the integration, including the provided kinds and required parameters
  4. Update the config.yaml file with configuration and parameters for the integration
  5. (Optional) Add default definitions to the .port/resources directory such as default blueprints and integration mapping
  6. Create the necessary documentation for the new integration including the README and a changelog
  7. Publish the integration